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Bapio application was developed to make user’s life easier. It offers many features that the user needs to manage the time and day successfully. The project is in progress.

The application includes the call recorder, taking notes, close the sim card of phone to avoid inconvenience, blue light filter. All of these features are in Bapio application to save the battery, processor, and internal memory from the consumption.

Call recording:
A user may share recorded calls via social medias, delete all the calls, categorize calls, upload the recorded calls on google account or any other cloud account, save the recorded calls on phone/card memory, set a password, record the calls using different formats etc.
Sim manager
A user can disable a specific sim card (the first sim card or the second or both), schedule the time the chosen sim card is going to be enabled or disabled, a notification option to alert the user if a sim card is disabled.
Blue light filter
A user can adjust the blue light filter through an adjustment bar, add any application to the blue light filter and the ability to specify the time the blue light filter is going to start and end with the chosen program ( example : the blue light filter begins when user open YouTube and it end when user close the YouTube ) .
Taking notes
A user can upload the notes on the cloud accounts ( google , Samsung , etc ),use stylus pen, lock any specific notes with a password , add or record a video and attach it to a note, write notes and share them with others on any social communication network, make notes with a picture from the camera or from the gallery, choose font and color, upload the notes on the cloud accounts ( google , Samsung , etc ), take voice notes by recording voice or by adding a voice record that is previously saved on the phone. Also, a reminder feature for the notes added.



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